Warriors trade destination for Bojan Bogdanovic?

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The next few weeks will be difficult for the Golden State Warriors to navigate. They barely held up this NBA season with Stephen Curry in the lineup; without him, things could get downright ugly. Curry injured his shoulder on December 14 and will miss a few weeks.

Without him in the lineup, Golden State is arguably the worst offensive team in the NBA. According to CleaningTheGlass, Curry is arguably the most influential player in the league, as the Warriors’ efficiency is 20.1 better with Curry on the floor compared to when he is on the bench. When he plays they are a 60-win team, but without him they are a 15-win group.

That speaks volumes about how well Curry has played this season, but also how desperate the franchise is to give him some help. Golden State can’t keep relying on him like they used to or he won’t make it through the rest of the season when he returns from this shoulder ailment.

The front office must act as soon as possible to help him. Andrew Wiggins is the only player with consistent production behind Curry.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons & Golden State Warriors Updates

Klay Thompson remains a shadow of his former self as the injuries that cost him two seasons of his career have permanently hampered his performance. Jordan Poole has also stepped back after agreeing to a massive four-year, $140 million rookie extension.

A player who would certainly help the Warriors overcome some of their shortcomings is Bojan Bogdanovic of the Detroit Pistons. Golden State is not one of the teams associated with the high-scoring veteran forward, but his fit with the team is undeniable.

Bogdanovic is an elite catch-and-shoot player, knocking down 46.8 percent of his 3-point attempts that would fall under that category. More than just a spot-up shooter, he excels at pressuring opponents who miss rotations and has experience playing in an offensive system based on movement from his time with the Utah Jazz.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons & Golden State Warriors Updates

Golden State attempted a delicate balancing act by running two timelines simultaneously. They have a core that can compete and at the same time try to develop young talent.

It’s been an unmitigated disaster so far this season, and if they want to maximize their chance of competing with Curry, Thompson, Wiggins and Draymond Green, they’re going to have to take a step. Bogdanovic is a player who would improve on his weaknesses so far this season.

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