Ugly Pistons-Magic Dust-Up Results in Suspensions

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The Detroit Pistons defeated the Orlando Magic 121-101 on Thursday night, but the final score is the last thing people will remember from this game between two of the NBA’s worst teams so far this season. Instead, this game will be remembered for the ugly scuffle that took place just before half time.

There were thirty-four seconds left in the first half when a foul pass from the Magic headed for the backcourt. Orlando’s Moritz Wagner and Detroit’s Killian Hayes were both chasing the ball. As Wagner slowed to touch the ball, knowing it would be a backcourt violation, Hayes attempted to slip past him for what would have been an easy basket.

Wagner pushed Hayes, who fell to the Pistons’ bench and a scuffle ensued. Hamidou Diallo, who was on the field, pushed Wagner in the back. Enraged at being shoved in the first place, Hayes escalated the situation by punching Wagner in the back of his head and the base of his neck, attempting to knock him unconscious as he collapsed into a group of Pistons coaches and players at the couch. .

Franz Wagner, Mortiz’s younger brother, said that Moritz is fine, but such a blow to the head can do a lot of damage, especially if he falls unconscious as it appears. Essentially every player from every team was involved, which Franz also commented on.

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“We know the rule, but that kind of thing usually happens on the field, not on one of the benches.” he said. “You worry that your teammate is there in between the whole other team.”

Consequences have actions, and for the Magic this means a lot of suspensions and fines. Eight Magic players are suspended for one game for leaving the bench. Franz, Cole Anthony, Wendell Carter Jr., RJ Hampton, Gary Harris, Kevon Harris, Admiral Schofield and Mo Bamba were all out of the game when the situation occurred.

To ensure the magic has enough players eligible for games, suspensions are staggered. Anthony, Bamba, Carter, Hampton and G. Harris will serve theirs against the Washington Wizards on Friday. K. Harris, Schofield and F. Wagner serve theirs on January 4 against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Detroit Pistons & Orlando Magic Updates

The longest suspension was handed to Hayes, who will serve three games, resulting in approximately $121,000 in lost wages. M. Wagner is suspended for two games and Diallo misses one game.

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