The CONCACAF trio could play a role in the Copa America 2024

Canada, Mexico and the United States, all of which are part of CONCACAF, could potentially take part in the Copa America 2024. The three teams will host the 2026 World Cup and are looking for more formidable competition ahead of the tournament.

As hosts, the trio has clearly already qualified for the next World Cup. These teams do not have to go through the lengthy process of determining their place in the league. This would mean that they would also have enough time in their schedules for competitions.

The UEFA Nations League has blocked major friendlies

Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa claimed that his team “cannot just play friendlies in the US” The aforementioned trio would benefit from playing top teams in the FIFA rankings. As the UEFA Nations League has restricted other teams around the world from scheduling friendlies against European countries, the next step may be to head south.

The Copa America, the major tournament in South America, has some of the best teams in the world. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile will all take part in the 2024 competition. Many experts say the US, Canada and Mexico should ask to participate in the tournament. This includes ESPN’s Taylor Twellman.

Twellman claims for CONCACAF countries in 2024 Copa America

“In order for CONCACAF to compete at the highest level in the World Cup, they need to find better competition.” claimed Twellman. “The UEFA Nations League killed the friendly circuit for the United States, Canada and Mexico. I’d love to see them compete in the Copa America and because I’ve done that myself, it’s such a tougher place to play than the Gold Cup.”

As Twellman said, the trio’s involvement in the Copa America isn’t necessarily ridiculous to suggest. The tournament regularly features teams from outside South America. During the Copa America 2019 even Japan and Qatar could be seen. Suggestions have even claimed that up to six teams from around the world could be invited to the 2024 tournament. Of course, this would be more than enough room to make room for the CONCACAF trio.

Any possible involvement of the three countries would require approval from FIFA, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. FIFA Vice President Victory Montagliani recently told FOX Sports that the sport’s governing body is working with the trio to find more competition.

“We are working with our three host countries to coordinate our calendars so that they have enough space not only for friendlies, but also for real competitions.” said Montagliani. “We are always open to hosting major events in CONCACAF.”

Mexico has already participated in the Copa America nine times. The US also made three appearances. However, Canada has never played in the South American tournament before.

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