Suryakumar Yadav talks about the tattoos on his body and their meaning

Mumbai Indians (MI) and star cricketer of Team India Suryakumar Yadav recently shared insights about his tattoos in an interview with Jio Cinema. He discussed the different types of tattoos, their significance, and the factors that influenced his decision to get them. Suryakumar revealed that his first tattoo was dedicated to his parents, and their approval allowed him to pursue more tattoos. “I have a tattoo with my father’s and mother’s names. This was my first tattoo so I could get permission for the rest,” he explained.

When asked about the evil eye tattoo on his hand, Suryakumar revealed that his wife suggested it because she believed in it “mujhko nazar jaldi lagta hai” (I am easily influenced by the evil eye). He expressed his admiration for his wife Devisa Shetty and said she had another tattoo dedicated to her.

“I also have a tattoo dedicated to my wife, who is close to my heart.”

Suryakumar identified his favorite tattoo as a portrait of his parents on his shoulder, who is about 4-5 years old. He also has a lion tattoo on his arm, which he describes as a calm representation of himself.

“I have a portrait of my father and mother on my shoulder, it is 4-5 years old. It’s my favourite. This is a calm lion. I am also a quiet lion (referring to the tattoo on his arm) added the Mumbaikar.

In addition, he has arrows tattooed on his upper arm, which symbolizes that life’s setbacks push individuals forward. In a light-hearted comment, he humorously associated them with his three ducks against Australia.

Another tattoo on his foot signifies the idea of ​​taking things “Step-by-step.” Suryakumar also shared the story behind a unique tattoo on his upper arm inspired by the New Zealand Maori tribe.

“While on a tour to NZ I came across this design from the Maori tribe. I met a person who told me that this design brings happiness and love and keeps you calm,” said the right-handed batter.

During the interview, Suryakumar revealed his openness to getting more tattoos.

“The next tattoo is all my three cap numbers (from Test, ODIs and T20I’s), my wife used to tell me to wait for my Test cap and then get this one.”

Reflecting on his craziest fan encounter, Suryakumar recalled an encounter with a devoted supporter in Chennai, whose face was tattooed on the forearm.

“In Chennai I met a fan during ODIs who had my face tattooed on his forearm and written 360 degrees on it. He comes to watch my games every time,” concluded the 32-year-old.

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