Reaction of the Europeans to the England-France, Morocco-Portugal matches

Moroccan mastery, English penalty pain, Ronaldo’s downfall and French flair all played out in the final quarter-finals of a 2022 World Cup that continues to deliver mammoth matches.

See here how newspapers at home and abroad reacted to the campaign.

The English exit

First we look back That of the sun bizarre pre-match cover. It doesn’t even look like “egg bread”, as the breakfast treat is also known there:

Then we come into coverage of yet another English exit, partly caused by a penalty kick.

La Joie de la France

French daily sports newspaper, L’Equipe (a concept that even failed in the United States when Americans actually read newspapers) sums up what was a tense and tight affair:

La Depeche goes a bit more high-brow for the headline, while the tease-up top is a reminder that rugby also claims to be France’s most-loved sport:

L’Yonne Republicaine thinks that match had the “smell of a final”, and it had that decisive feeling:

South East expressed similar sentiments by calling it a “huge” quarter-final:

Portuguese pain

A bola best summarizes the national atmosphere with “Cry, Portugal”:

Oh Yogo says Portugal was “thrown on the carpet”:

“Sad End” sounds a bit more poetic than “Triste Fim” in Portuguese:

Moroccan cover

Hespress features scenes of cheers from all over the Arab world:

Al-Alam produces a powerful headline“Morocco writes a historical epic that paralyzed the tongues of the world”

francophone newspaper of morocco, Le Mattin, offers the words from Morocco’s magnificent manager Walid Regragui: “our qualification is not a miracle, it is the result of teamwork.”

Coverage of the rest of the world

Canada’s leading French-language daily newspaper, Le Journal de Montréalsays “the Moroccan fairy tale continues”:

Italy Corriere dello Sport leads with “The First Time” and then says Morocco has ended Ronaldo’s era:

from Spain Marka says Morocco is the “Star of the World Cup”:

Morocco’s victory even made headlines in the United States, as we see with Los Angeles’ victory. The opinionthe New York Timesand the Washington Post:

Photo credit: IMAGO/Pro Sports Images

Guide to World Cup 2022

Here are some resources to help you make the most of football’s biggest event!

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