Ranked! The 10 best right-wing women in the world

The winger role is one of the most exciting in football. The very best are able to trick full-backs with their speed and trickery on the ball. Some are goal scorers, while others specialize in creating for other players on their team. Here are our top 10 best female right wingers in the world.

Best right-wing women in the world: 10. Athenea del Castillo (Real Madrid)

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Included in the top ten right winger but equally capable of playing on either side of the pitch, 22-year-old Athenea del Castillo has emerged as one of the stars of a Real Madrid side on the rise. Athenea’s direct play has proved particularly difficult for defenders to deal with and this season she helped Real Madrid safely enter the group stage with 2 goals and 3 assists in their 5-1 aggregate win over Rosenborg.

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