Number of times each MLS team will be on TV in 2023

MLS speaking heads like continue to evangelize that the league has more parity than other leagues. However, when it comes to broadcast television on the network he works for, there is no parity. Instead, FOX Sports, the only MLS television channel to survive, has their favorites. For example, when it comes to the number of times each MLS team is on TV, several teams are omitted with no national broadcasts for the MLS 2023 season.

For example, if you are a fan of Houston Dynamo, CF Montreal, Toronto FC or Vancouver, none of your games will be available on television. Instead, every single game will be streamed through Apple’s MLS season pass for $99 a year (or $14.99 a month).

Number of times each MLS team is on TV

TV shows are always subject to change. However, this is the number of games each team can expect in 2023, as of this writing.

Atlanta United 6
LA Milky Way 6
Portland Timbers 6
Seattle Sounders 6
Austin 4
Nashville 4
Minnesota United 3
Orlando city 3
Union of Philadelphia 3
Sporty KC 3
St Louis 3
Columbus crew 2
Dallas 2
Charlotte 1
Chicago 1
Cincinnati 1
Colorado rapids 1
direct current united 1
InterMiami 1
New England 1
F.C. New York City 1
New York Red Bulls 1
Real salt lake 1
Earthquakes in San Jose 1
Houston 0
Montreal 0
Toronto 0
Vancouver 0

Here’s the list of games scheduled for TV, as of this writing, for 2023:

February 25 – Nashville SC vs. NYCFC–FOX and fuboTV
February 26 – Seattle Sounders vs. Colorado Rapids–FS1 en fuboTV
March 4 – LAFC vs. Portland Timbers – FOX and fuboTV
March 11 – Charlotte FC vs. Atlanta United – FOX and fuboTV
March 18 – Seattle Sounders vs. LAFC – FOX en fuboTV
March 25 – Portland Timbers vs LA Galaxy – FOX and fuboTV
April 1 – LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders – FOX and fuboTV
Apr 8 – LAFC vs. Austin FC – FOX and fuboTV
April 16 – LA Galaxy vs. LAFC–FOX and fuboTV
April 23 – Atlanta United vs. Chicago Fire – FS1 en fuboTV
April 29 – Nashville SC vs. Atlanta United – FOX and fuboTV
April 30 – Minnesota United vs. FC Dallas – FS1 en fuboTV
May 7 – Seattle Sounders vs. Sporting Kansas City – FOX and fuboTV
May 14 – Earthquakes in LA Galaxy vs. San Jose–FS1 and fuboTV
May 17 – Philadelphia Union vs. D.C. United–FS1 and fuboTV
May 20 – St. Louis City vs. Sporting Kansas City – FS1 en fuboTV
May 28 – Sporting Kansas City vs. Portland Timbers–FOX and fuboTV
May 28 – Nashville SC vs. Columbus Crew – FS1 en fuboTV
May 31 – Atlanta United vs. New England Revolution – FS1 en fuboTV
June 3 – Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers–FOX and fuboTV
June 11 – St. Louis City vs. LA Galaxy – FOX and fuboTV
June 11 – Portland Timbers vs. FC Dallas – FS1 en fuboTV
July 2 – Atlanta United vs. Philadelphia Union – FOX en fuboTV
July 15 – Atlanta United vs. Orlando City–FS1 and fuboTV
August 20 – Columbus Crew vs. FC Cincinnati – FS1 en fuboTV
August 20 – St. Louis City vs. Austin FC–FS1 and fuboTV
August 27 – Minnesota United vs. Seattle Sounders – FOX and fuboTV
Sept. 3 – Philadelphia Union vs. New York Red Bulls – FS1 en fuboTV
Sept. 17 – Austin FC vs. Portland Timbers-FS1 and fuboTV
Sept. 24 – Orlando City vs. Inter Miami–FS1 and fuboTV
Sept. 24 – Austin FC vs. LA Galaxy – FS1 and fuboTV
Oct. 1 – LAFC vs. Real Salt Lake–FS1 en fuboTV
October 4 – Nashville SC vs. Orlando City–FS1 and fuboTV
October 4 – LAFC vs. Minnesota United – FS1 and fuboTV

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