NBA Exec thinks Knicks can trade missiles

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The New York Knicks were better than many people thought they would be this NBA season. Tom Thibodeau may not be perfect, but he has the team playing well and has made the necessary adjustments to get the most out of this group.

Last month, New York played its best basketball of the season. Since an embarrassing loss to the Dallas Mavericks on December 3, the team has been playing at a high level.

Since then, they are 13-6, taking their record to 23-19 overall and up to sixth in the Eastern Conference. Throughout that stretch, they were one of the best overall teams in the NBA, excelling in both offensive and defensive ratings.

Given how well they’re performing, it’s unlikely the Knicks would make a big trade that would shake up the rotation too much. But they can’t pass up the chance to upgrade the roster. A name to watch according to an NBA manager is Eric Gordon of the Houston Rockets.

“They are not far from serious strife in the East. A player like Eric Gordon could be a piece that puts them over the top,” the manager told NBA Analysis Network. “I think there’s a good chance they’ll pull the trigger on those kinds of deals.”

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Eric Gordon, Houston Rockets & New York Knicks Updates

They already have solid rotation, strengthening depth at shooting guard and on the wing could be a direction they decide to go in. Gordon would definitely help in that regard as his skills could be used.

The Knicks rely heavily on Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle and RJ Barrett to insult the team. Gordon would give them another player who can throw offense and get a bucket in the half court.

New York has also struggled shooting three-pointers this season, making only 33.9 percent of their attempts, which is 25th. Gordon makes 36.2 percent of his attempts this season and is a 37 percent career shooter. He is also a skilled defender capable of guarding wings with his 6’9″ wingspan.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Eric Gordon, Houston Rockets & New York Knicks Updates

A regular veteran, Gordon would be a solid addition to what is a very young, inexperienced Knicks rotation. The only playoff experience that all rotations other than Brunson have had was of the 2021 postseason, when the Knicks were knocked out in the first round by the Atlanta Hawks.

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