Most watched 2022 World Cup matches on US TV and streaming

The World Cup is always one of the top TV draws in the US and 2022 is no different. Group stage matchups with the big teams and stars are among the most watched World Cup matches from 2022 through to the round of 16.

Most watched World Cup matches to date

Four of the six best-watched games of this year’s World Cup were for the United States. Expectations for the US return to the World Cup were certainly high after the USMNT failed to qualify against Russia in 2018, and the numbers back that up. Of course, these games tend to attract the casual American viewer who might not normally follow football, but will tune in to watch the US.

The US fills the top four spots in English on FOX and FS1, with the biggest of the bunch being the Black Friday showdown between the US and England. The game averaged over 20,000,000 viewers in English and Spanish. Over 15 million of those viewers were in English alone, which would be enough to place it as the third biggest draw overall.

Argentina-Mexico a record setter

On the Spanish-speaking side, Telemundo/Peacock attracted large numbers. The top game in Spanish was, predictably, Messi and Argentina versus arguably the most popular sports team in the US… El Tri. 9 million viewers on average aligned with ARG-MEX, making it the most-watched Spanish-language group stage match in history. Over 2 million of those viewers streamed the game, making it the most-streamed World Cup game in U.S. history, regardless of language. Total Spanish viewership for 2022 so far ranks second among the past eight World Cups, behind only 2014 in Brazil, which had better time slots for US viewers.

Mexico’s 0-0 group stage draw with Poland completed the top 5 on Telemundo/Peacock with 4.6 million viewers, with Brazil, Spain and the US also topping the Spanish language rankings.

Impressive World Cup figures

The overall figures are a bit of a mix of the top of the English and Spanish rankings, also focusing on the big teams and star players. The US leads the way with four appearances in the top ten, with Mexico and Argentina in two matches each. Powerhouses Brazil, Germany, Spain and Portugal round out the notables appearing in the top ten.

We can certainly expect to continue to see high ratings on both FOX and Telemundo as the tournament wraps up, with the quarterfinals starting on December 9th.

Guide to World Cup 2022

Here are some resources to help you make the most of football’s biggest event!

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