MLS Season Pass pre-game, post-game, whipping details

The year 2023 is a whole new ball game for Major League Soccer. With the launch of MLS Season Pass, it means brand new pre-game, post-game and whiparound shows for fans of MLS teams. It’s all part of the new Apple-MLS deal. And we have all the details.

Without the talent, the new MLS Season Pass shows wouldn’t be possible. To date, the league has hired 80 talented members ranging from commentators to co-commentators, hosts, analysts and more.

All MLS and Leagues Cup live games are produced in MLS stadiums, including on-site talent, using a fleet of production units to produce simultaneous coverage of up to 14 games per game night. Live studio programming is created in a newly rebuilt New York City production facility with a trio of state-of-the-art studios that serve as the central hub for all MLS Season Pass studio programming.

Here’s what MLS has come up with for 2023 and beyond.

MLS Season Pass pre-game: MLS Countdown

In the past, the limitations of television sometimes meant there was little to no MLS coverage before the match. That ends now. Of MLS Season Pass, where matches usually take place on Saturday or Wednesday evenings, the pre-game show starts 30 minutes before kick-off. So, for example, for games that start at 7:30 PM local time (whether that’s in Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones), you should expect 30 minutes of pre-game coverage before your game begins.

The pre-game show, which will debut with the 2023 MLS season, is titled MLS countdown. There is a version in English and another pre-game show in Spanish.

Jillian Sakovits and Andrew Wiebe are the presenters for English-language broadcasts. They are joined by analysts Nigel Reo-Coker, Calen Carr, Shep Messing and Matt Doyle.

Spanish-language broadcasts MLS countdown features Tony Cherchi and Stefano Fusaro as hosts. They are joined by analysts Diego Valeri, Melissa Ortiz and Chelsea Cabarcas.

Whip show: MLS 360

With hosts Liam McHugh (of NBC Sports) and Kaylyn Kyle (of beIN SPORTS), MLS has come up with their whip show MLS 360. McHugh and Kyle are flanked by analysts Sacha Kljestan and Bradley Wright-Phillips, as well as rules expert Christina Unkel.

MLS 360 is the newest whip show for football. It will be similar in concept to the popular Goal Rush and The Golazo Show. In MLS 360it offers live previews of every match, so you can see all the goals and major incidents of the matches happening simultaneously.

It’s the ideal way to watch MLS matches if you just want to be entertained and have no interest in one specific team (or match).

Although the draft is not available in Spanish, it is easy for Spanish-speaking viewers to follow, just as English-speaking viewers experience when they watch Zona Futbol in Spanish on TUDN.

Post-game: MLS wrap-up

Last but not least, the MLS completion airs for 30 minutes after the game ends, featuring analysis and interviews with players and coaches after the game. Coverage will be available in both English and Spanish languages.

Throughout the season, we can expect almost all Saturday night games to start at 7:30 PM local time. That’s 29 Saturday nights during the regular season and six Wednesday nights. So expect the post-game shows to air on the East Coast from about 9:30 PM to 10 PM ET. And then the final Pacific Coast games will wrap up approximately between 9:30 PM and 10 PM PT after the game. However, MLS Season Pass has no time pressure. So if there’s a big topic of conversation after a game, the coverage could be longer than 30 minutes.

The hosts and analysts of MLS completion are the same as MLS countdown (see above MLS countdown section).

We are on the cusp of an exciting chapter in the history of football broadcasting in the United States. Imagine your favorite league, no matter what league it is, getting a clean slate to create its own pre-game, post-game, and whip show. What would it look like?

Of MLS Season PassMLS pre-game and post-match coverage begins February 25. That includes the whip show, which will be available for free (along with the games) during opening weekend.

Guide to Major League Soccer

Here are some resources to help you get the most out of the MLS Season Pass!

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