MLS has to choose these 12 announcers for Apple TV

On February 25, 2023, a new chapter for Major League Soccer (MLS) will begin. It’s the first game of a brand new media partnership with Apple where every game will be streamed worldwide. In addition, the league hires a team of talented presenters and commentators. Targeting only the play-by-play commentators, MLS should choose these 12 announcers for Apple TV in our opinion.

MLS, choose these announcers for Apple TV

1. Jon Champion

Major League Soccer needs one big commentator as their star. The one who brings in audiences based on his name and experience. And that star has been named Jon champion.

As ESPN ends its 26-year broadcast history with MLS, the league has to hire Jon Champion as their lead commentator. In addition, it is only natural that Major League Soccer also brings along co-commentator Taylor Twellman.

2. Max Bretos

With a career spanning from FOX Sports to ESPN and beyond, few know Major League Soccer as well as Max Bretos. From this work with LAFC to his infamous goalscoring, Bretos loves MLS and MLS loves Max.

3. Chris Wittyngham

Few commentators in the United States have made it as fast as Chris Wittyngham. His work for both TUDN and Inter Miami has been exceptional. And he’s a really decent kid who loves Major League Soccer and is an excellent commentator. With Chris there is nothing not to like.

4. Jake Zivin

Nationally, Jake Zivin has flown under the radar. But after working for FOX Sports and the Portland Timbers, Zivin is a prototypical American announcer who deserves to be on more people’s radars.

5. Adrian Healey

From ESPN to Austin FC, Adrian Healey is a perfect fit for MLS commentators. You won’t get anything controversial from Healey. The former New England Revolution commentator ticks all the MLS boxes for someone with extensive experience calling games from this league.

6. Tyler Terens

Tyler Terens has one of the best voices in American football. As the lead commentator for Chicago Fire games, he deserves the chance to be one of dozens of MLS commentators on Apple TV.

7. Juan Arango

With the bonus of having a commentator who speaks English as fluently as Spanish, Juan Arango is a natural fit for MLS broadcasting. Having worked for ESPN, beIN SPORTS, the Argentine League and, more recently, studio work for the Al Jazeera Network, Arango adds a much-needed Latino flavor to the English-language commentaries.

8. Eric Krakauer

Eric Krakauer’s work for Charlotte FC, a student of the world’s game, shows that he has the qualities to work well within MLS. His knowledge of the sport outside of the United States would certainly be a bonus during MLS broadcasts.

9.Keith Costigan

As one of the most underrated commentators in the United States, Keith Costigan deserves to keep mentioning MLS games. With extensive experience at Seattle Sounders and FOX Sports, Costigan has the ideal combination to read the game so well and punctuate it with outstanding goals. He is a must-have for the MLS.

10. Andres Cordero

If he can fit it into his schedule and if CBS Sports is okay with him working with Apple, Dre Cordero should be one of the commentators for Major League Soccer. He is well prepared and has a different kind of vocal delivery that accentuates moments of sheer brilliance. His experience calling games for Inter Miami is an ideal example of why he deserves the MLS job.

11.Steve Cangialosi

While he may not be the youngest commentator, Steve Cangialosi is an accomplished announcer of MLS games. Experienced, knowledgeable about the league, Cangialosi would be a welcome trusted voice for Major League Soccer.

12. JP Della camera

Last but not least, there are very few American commentators who are in the same “league” as JP Dellacamera. His memorable calls combined with his wealth of experience calling this sport in the United States make him a safe bet for Major League Soccer.

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