Major Obstacles For Lakers Bojan Bogdanovic Trade

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One of the most shocking trades in the NBA heading into the regular season occurred between the Utah Jazz and Detroit Pistons. In order to move as many veterans as possible, it came as no surprise that the Jazz Bojan Bogdanovic was on a shopping spree. Surprisingly, the Pistons jumped in and won the Bogdanovic sweepstakes.

Detroit traded Kelly Olynyk and Saben Lee to Utah in exchange for Bogdanovic. Many people were caught off guard by the package, as no draft fee was included and many believed they would be able to get a first round pick in exchange for him. But part of the reason they were able to land him was that they weren’t sending long-term money back to the Jazz.

That’s ultimately what prioritized Utah over getting draft picks. Days after the transaction was completed, Bogdanovic signed a two-year extension with the Pistons worth $38.9 million, with the second year of the extension not fully guaranteed. He got a little more security in exchange for signing a team-friendly contract.

Signing that extension made Bogdanovic an even more attractive medium of exchange and his market has not calmed down. The Pistons’ performance certainly helps with that, as they are tied for the fewest wins in the NBA with the Charlotte Hornets at seven.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

With the NBA’s unofficial trading season set to begin December 15, rumors are circulating that Bogdanovic may be traded again. A team to keep an eye on again is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Los Angeles was one of several teams linked to Bogdanovic prior to his transfer to the Motor City. They have had their own struggles this season as they are 11-15 but Bogdanovic would be a nice upgrade to their roster.

However, trading for him will be easier said than done. According to Marc Stein on his Substackthe Pistons stick to their asking price for the veteran marksman.

“Sources say the Lakers recently offered a trade package for Bogdanovic to Detroit centered around a prospective first-round pick with unspecified draft protections attached. The Pistons have so far rejected those overtures, sources add, pushing for a completely unprotected future first from the Lakers to seriously entertain a Bogdanovic swap.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Bogdanovic plays very well, averaging a career-high 21 points per game with an impressive .508/.437/.891 shooting distribution. His 3-point shooting is something the Lakers would benefit greatly from, as they are last in the NBA in 3-points per game and 28th in 3-point shooting percentage.

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