IPL 2023: Prithvi Shaw thinks he is a star and no one can touch him, says Shubman Gill youth coach Karsan Ghavri

India’s Captain Prithvi Shaw and Shubman Gill hold the trophy | Source: GettyImages

Shubman Gill and Prithvi Shaw, former teammates of India’s Under19 team, have had different experiences in their cricket careers so far.

While Shubman Gill has emerged as a batting prodigy and is often regarded as the future face of Indian cricket, Prithvi Shaw’s career has witnessed a downturn.

The ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 provides a stark contrast between the two players. While Shubman Gill has emerged as the tournament’s top scorer, with 851 runs so far, Prithvi Shaw finished the IPL with just 106 runs from eight matches.

Shaw’s stint with the Delhi Capitals in the early stages of the season saw him score 12, 7, 0, 15, 0 and 13 in the first six matches, after which he was dropped from the team. He later staged a comeback and smashed half a century but failed to maintain momentum.

Reflecting on this, Karsan Ghavri, Shubman Gill’s youth coach, underlined his tireless work ethic in improving his hitting skills, while pointing out that unfortunately Shaw hasn’t put the same level of dedication into his game.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Ghavri stated:

“They were on the same team that won the U-19 World Cup in 2018, right? Where is Prithvi Shaw and where is Shubman Gill? They are in two different categories.”

Ghavri didn’t mince words, as he went on to say that Prithvi Shaw’s self-perceived stardom won’t have a positive impact on his gameplay:

“Shaw thinks he’s a star and no one can touch him. But he needs to understand that at the international level, whether you’re playing T20, 50 over or the test match or even the Ranji Trophy, it only takes one delivery to get you out.

“You need discipline and good character. You have to constantly work on yourself. You have to occupy the crease, and if you do that you are guaranteed to get more runs.”

Nothing is lost, Shaw can work on his shortcomings: Karsan Ghavri

Ghavri further pointed out that both players are the same age, and that Shaw should therefore draw inspiration from Gill’s progress and focus on refining his technique and fitness.

“They are the same age. Nothing is lost yet. Gill has worked on his shortcomings, while Shaw has not. He still can. He has to work hard; otherwise there is no point in having so much potential.”

Shaw was recently spotted in Dubai attending an awards ceremony with his girlfriend Nidhhi Tapadiaa.

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