International press celebrates Argentina’s World Cup victory

Why was the World Cup final between Argentina and France so special? Let’s count the ways. It was the first final with multiple comebacks since then. It was the first ever final in which each team scored at least three goals. And of course it was Leo Messi’s first win.

Let’s see how the world reacted to the world class final.

Argentine response

Los Andes says the “dream is complete”:

La Voz celebrates the country’s third World Cup:

El Hincha says that “love is stronger”, after all, Messi was not always the most loved player in his native country. Also, the lede refers to “malditos penales” or “damned penalties,” which is a good way to describe the format we’re stuck with for deciding world championships.

La Nacion captures what Messi was looking for all these years, “Eternal Glory”:

Clarin thanks Messi:

Diary Popular channels and Burt Lancaster in exclaiming “Friends, From Here To Forever”:

El Tribuno captured only part of the public delight across the country:

French response

La Voix du Nord keeps his cool with a downright spectacular photo and the words “Thanks Anyway”:

Le Parisian also strikes a grateful tone with “Proud of our Blues”:

The same applies to L’Equipe with the message “Keep Your Head Up”:

La Depeche shows how close France was to victory:

The Courier Picard found a great photo with the headline “Disappointment at the end of the suspense”:

International response

The sun reminds us that yesterday’s final was not the best all time:

The Daily Express do not agree with:

The daily star doesn’t find much space on the front page for the finale due to the groundbreaking research into the temperature dogs prefer to sleep in:

The Daily mail and Rex Harrison in going with “The Agony and the Ecstasy”:

Brazil’s newspapers were magnanimous towards their country’s rival. Additional says Messi “deserves it”:

While Oh Globo considers Messi an “immortal”:

In Spain, where Messi spent most of his club years, the Sport newspaper went a bit hyperbolic with “Gods Exist”:

Mundo Deportivo delivers the hot take that Messi is the greatest of all time:

The NFL is typically the only front-page sport in the US – a country dominated by the austere broadsheets rather than the tabloids. But this finale was epic enough to make coast-to-coast covers:

Photo credit: IMAGO / Ulmer/Teamfoto

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