How Kevin Durant’s nets are on 10-Game Win Streak

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The Brooklyn Nets have yet to experience the level of success they hoped to achieve when they made the major signings of NBA superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Their tenure together has been marred by drama and playoff shortcomings, but things look different this season. However, it started tumultuous.

Head coach Steve Nash and the team mutually agreed to part ways and then the organization began pursuing suspended Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka. They eventually gave up on that pursuit and named acting head coach Jacque Vaughn their head coach.

Moving a seat on the bench has breathed new life into the team as the Nets have played superbly since he took over. They’ve gone 21-7, including a recent 10-game winning streak that Vaughn says has an increase in confidence as a driving force behind it.

“It’s faith and that’s a big part of the NBA,” said Vaughn. “Is it trust and belief, no matter what situation you can get to the other side.”

LATEST NBA NEWS: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving & Brooklyn Nets Updates

Nash said he didn’t believe the players were more responsive to him, which was a big part of why he decided to step down. That’s not a problem that Vaughn, who got the players to respond to him.

“If you follow the game plan and it works, you start to believe in it more and more,” Durant said. “I felt like we didn’t have an identity to start the season, and then we started figuring it out over the last few weeks, this last month or so.

“We go into every game with the belief ‘Okay, if we stick to this template, this structure that we have, everything will be fine no matter what happens in the game’… we just know what we want to do every time that we step on the floor keeps our mind at ease, and we will have that faith in everything Jacque tells us.

It has never been a question of talent with the Nets, who have a strong roster led by stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Ben Simmons is also rounding up in shape, giving the team a fun trio to build their supporting cast around.

LATEST NBA NEWS: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving & Brooklyn Nets Updates

Irving has been the player who created the most tension in the team as he struggled to stay on the pitch, especially due to things he brought on himself. After missing time due to COVID-19 regulations and choosing not to get vaccinated, Irving was suspended this season due to anti-Semitic material he shared on his social media.

He has been performing very well since his return to the court. He gives high credit to Vaughn, who he believes are better prepared and hold each other accountable on the field.

“These little details that we just know from game to game, I just think we’re doing a great job talking and communicating when we get on the bench,” Irving said, “Jacque holds us accountable; he came in as head coach and really put his own DNA on it. And we just follow the game plan.

LATEST NBA NEWS: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving & Brooklyn Nets Updates

The Nets are now second in the Eastern Conference with a 23-12 record, just two games behind the Boston Celtics. They started the season with high expectations and so far are living up to them as Brooklyn looks to be one of the real contenders in the NBA for the championship this season.

As long as Vaughn can keep them on track and they can stay drama free, this team will have a deep run in the postseason.

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