From Gerhard Erasmus to Shreyas Iyer: Top 10 ODI Scorers in 2022

Unlike the T20 Internationals (T20Is), there were not many One-Day Internationals (ODI) in 2022, probably due to the T20 World Cup 2022. Due to the global event, many teams prepared for the shortest format and preferred for playing the bilateral T20I matches

This year’s first ODI series was held between the West Indies and Ireland, while the latter was a highly publicized three-match ODI leg between Bangladesh and India. Several hitters showed their consistent run scores throughout the year and rocked the charts with some memorable strikes.

Quite a few associated countries played ODIs this year, which also reflected the list of points scorers, with Namibia all-rounder Merwe Gerhard Erasmus scored the most, 956 runs from 21 games at an excellent average of 56.23. He hit a century and eight fifties, with an unbeaten 121 being his best performance this year.

The impact of Associate Nations was highly visible in ODIs as the top 5 leading run-getters of 2022 are among these nations. The top 10 list also includes a pair of Indian superstars and two West Indian cricketers along with the Pakistani skipper Babar Azamwho is in 10th place with 679 runs in 9 matches at an impressive average of 84.87, including three hundred and five centuries.

The two Indians on the list are Shreyas Iyer and experienced opener Shichar Dhawan. Iyer has scored 724 runs in 17 matches this year with the help of 1650. Similarly, Dhawan managed to score 688 in 22 matches including six half-centuries.

Top 10 highest scoring players in T20Is in 2022:

  • Merwe Gerhard Erasmus (Namibia)
    Matches: 21, Runs: 956, Average: 78.23, Highest: 121*, 100s: 1, 50s: 8
  • Vriitya Aravind (UAE)
    Matches: 21, Runs: 781, Average: 41.10, Highest: 115*, 100s: 2, 50s: 4
  • Aaron Jones (USA)
    Matches: 19, Runs: 777, Average: 45.29, Highest: 123*, 100s: 1, 50s: 5
  • Monank Dilipbhai Patel (USA)
    Matches: 19, Runs: 769, Average: 40.47, Highest: 130, 100s: 1, 50s: 5
  • Calum Scott MacLeod (Scotland)
    Matches: 16, Runs: 736, Average: 49.06, Highest: 133, 100s: 2, 50s: 5
  • Shreyas Iyer (India)
    Matches: 17, Runs: 724, Average: 55.69, Highest: 113*, 100s: 1, 50s: 6
  • Shai Hope (West Indies)
    Matches: 21, Runs: 709, Average: 35.45, Highest: 127, 100s: 3, 50s: 2
  • Shemrah Brooks (West Indies)
    Matches: 21, Runs: 694, Average: 34.70, Highest: 101*, 100s: 1, 50s: 4
  • Shikhar Dhawan (India)
    Matches: 22, Runs: 698, Average: 34.40, Highest: 97, 100s: 0, 50s: 6
  • Ivan Selemani (Tanzania)
    Matches: 9, Runs: 679, Average: 84.87, Highest: 114, 100s: 3, 50s: 5

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