Ex-Bucs DT Gerald McCoy gives advice to NFL Rookies

In a recent appearance on NFL Network’s Good morning football show, former Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy had a public announcement to the new 2023 rookies and offered advice based on what he learned as a young player.

Former Bucs DT Gerald McCoy on rookie season challenges

Since OTAs are officially underway for the Bucks and across the league, it marks another step toward the regular season. But before regular season games begin, there are plenty of off-season activities to get through. After OTAs, what remains is mini-camp, training camp, and the pre-season.

Commenting on this lead-up to the actual games, McCoy talked about how season lengths vary in the NFL and how crucial it is to keep working as a rookie.

“Do more, more, more, more,” McCoy said. ‘When you come in as a rookie, you’re so used to this lecture schedule; the season is a lot shorter. They’re kind of watching these kids now, and when you come in, the NFL game is a lot — the meetings are longer, training camp is much harder, and the days are much longer.

Bucs LB Lavonte David and DT Gerald McCoy – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“So when you’re a young dude coming in you’re like, ‘Man, we’ve had this whole process from preparing for the Combine to preparing the draft. Now we’re on rookie mini-camp, OTAs, mini- camp, training camp, and now the season goes.” The season is much longer.”

With this in mind, it is easy for rookies to just do as asked and leave the building. But the work never ends. 259 players were selected in this latest version alone. Hundreds were added to expanded rosters as non-drafted free agents and a handful will form teams.

Players are always competing for their place on the roster, and draft status does not equal success. Only a few players from each draft class become stars. At McCoy’s Design class 2010, only 10 players, including him, made five or more Pro Bowl appearances. Of that group, only two (Trent Williams and Rob Gronkowski) are likely candidates for the Hall of Fame.

So what does this mean? Only a select few players make it big, and it starts by doing more than what is asked.

“As a rookie, all you think is, ‘When this day is over, I’m going to get out of this building.’ I always tell beginners: ‘Do more.’ Do you know why? Because everyone thinks that way, so what are you going to do to isolate yourself? Do more. Do you go out early before training to get extra reps? Do you stay late? Do you take care of your body? actually go home and watch your movie, or just tell your coach that you are What newbie won’t be afraid to actually go to the coach’s office and accept that critique?

A lot of guys are just, ‘I was called up here, I want to do this, I want to do that. Do more because many newbies are not going to do more. They’re going to do what everyone else is doing.”

New Bucs Rookie WR Trey Palmer does more

Bucs Wr Trey Palmer and Wrs Coach Brad Idzik

Bucs WR Trey Palmer and WRs coach Brad Idzik – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

McCoy would be happy that a Bucs rookie is already taking steps to separate himself. Receiver Trey Palmer, the Bucs’ sixth-round pick, recently said during the rookie mini-camp that he studies every day when he gets home, and his relaxation and free time come from watching the plays and memorizing them.

Only guys with this mindset and approach to the game will really make it big in the sport and their work ethic will become notorious.

Michael Jordan’s competitiveness, even in training. Kobe Bryant’s well-documented ‘Mamba mentality’. Even former Bucs quarterback Tom Brady spent hours tearing down game movies and his dedication to keeping himself in shape into his mid-40s.

Gerald McCoy has a future in TV NFL analysis

Gerald McCoy now gives this advice as a former NFL player, with his last game action coming in 2021 with the Las Vegas Raiders. He may not be chasing the quarterback or stopping the run in the NFL anymore, but throughout this offseason it’s clear that he’s an insightful player with lots of interesting stories to tell.

By its beef with Warren Sapp for admitting that he wanted to return to the Bucs last season, McCoy is a fun personality to follow and a player that rookies should take his word for and try to emulate. The charismatic McCoy is no stranger to the cameras. He’s had a great run on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football this week and certainly has a future in TV NFL analysis.

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