EPL commentators on NBC: December 30 to January 5

This weekend’s Premier League games fall around the turn of the year. In 2022, Manchester City won another Premier League title, Americans started buying Premier League clubs for fun and some great players arrived. Erling Haaland transformed the Premier League into his personal playground.

What can 2023 bring? Well, if the early part of the 2022-23 season is any indicator, Arsenal are on a resurgence back to the top. The Gunners top the table at the turn of the year, ahead of Manchester City and Newcastle United. As mentioned, Erling Haaland looks poised to challenge the Premier League goalscoring records. The Norwegian has 18 league goals in just 13 appearances in the current campaign.

The luminaries around the New Year’s festivities provide a great welcome to 2023. The final game of 2022 shows first-class Arsenal on the road in Brighton. The Seagulls have had another decent season all things considered. In fact, although it is a bit early in the season, Brighton are not far from European spots in the table. Arsenal have bigger ambitions than that. Mikel Arteta sees this game as a way to signal Arsenal’s intentions in the competition.

Then the first game of 2023 is between Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur. Villa has had a high and low season, but is comfortably in the middle of the table. Meanwhile, Tottenham has that fourth place in the ranking. Still, the challengers, Manchester United and Liverpool, still have a game in hand against the Spurs.

NBC coverage

The NBC crew is back in the States after a tour of the field tables in drenched England. There is buffer coverage around every game, including weekday games. However, some of that is on Peacock, as are a number of games.

There are three Instances of GOAL RUSH the next two days. The whip-style show features highlights and key moments from all over the grounds during simultaneous matches. Goal Rush is on Peacock at the following times:

  • Saturday December 31 – 10am
  • Tuesday, January 3 – 2:45 p.m
  • Wednesday 4 January – 2.30 pm

Also check out how to watch the Premier League in 4K. In this series of games, there are three higher resolution games. Make sure you have the right plans and hardware to watch the Premier League in 4K, including Peacock.

EPL Commentators on NBC: New Year’s Weekend

Friday December 30

2:45 pm — West Ham United vs. Brentford. USA Network, Universo, fubo tv, Sling blue, DirecTV stream, Hulu + Live TV. —Tony Jones and Matt Upson.

3pm – Liverpool vs. Leicester City. Peacock Premium —Jim Proudfoot and Jim Beglin.

Saturday December 31

07:30 AM — Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Manchester United. USA Network, Universo, fubo tv, Garland Blue, DirecTV stream, Hulu + Live TV. —Stewart Gardner and Andy Townsend.

10am — Newcastle vs. Leeds United. USA Network, Universo, fubo tv, Garland Blue, DirecTV stream, Hulu + Live TV. —Ian Crocker and Courtney Sweetman-Kirk.

10am – Fulham vs. Southampton. Peacock Premium — Andy Bishop and Garry Birtles.

10am – Manchester City vs. Everton. Peacock PremiumIN 4K. — Pien Meulensteen and Leon Osman.

10am — Bournemouth vs. Crystal Palace. Peacock Premium —Gary Taphouse and David Phillips.

12:30pm — Brighton and Hove Albion vs. Arsenal. NBC, Universe, Peacock Premium, fubo tv, Garland Blue, DirecTV stream, Hulu + Live TV. — Peter Drury and Lee Dixon.

Sunday January 1

9am – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Aston Villa. Peacock Premium —Conor McNamara and Andy Townsend.

11:30am — Nottingham Forest vs. Chelsea. Peacock Premium — Joe Speight and Stephen Warnock.

Monday January 2

12:30pm — Brentford vs. Liverpool. USA Network, Universo, fubo tv, Garland Blue, DirecTV stream, Hulu + Live TV. — IN 4K. — Joe Speight and Jim Beglin.

Tuesday, January 3

2:45 pm — Arsenal vs. Newcastle United. USA Network, Universo, fubo tv, Sling blue, DirecTV stream, Hulu + Live TV. — IN 4K. —Jim Proudfoot and Jim Beglin.

2:45 pm — Everton vs. Brighton and Hove Albion. Peacock Premium —David Stowell and Leon Osman.

2:45 pm — Leicester City vs. Fulham. Peacock Premium — Phil Blacker and Dave Edwards.

3pm — Manchester United vs. Bournemouth. Peacock Premium — Pien Meulensteen and Efan Ekoku.

Wednesday, January 4

2:30pm — Southampton vs. Nottingham Forest. Peacock Premium —Gary Taphouse and Garry Birtles.

2:45 pm — Leeds United vs. West Ham United. Peacock Premium —Tony Jones and Paul Robinson.

3pm – Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham. USA Network, fubo tv, Garland Blue, DirecTV stream, Hulu + Live TV. —Tom Gayle and Matt Holland.

3pm — Aston Villa against Wolves. Peacock Premium — Jacqui Oatley and Lee Hendrie.

Thursday, January 5

3pm – Chelsea vs. Manchester City. Peacock Premium —Peter Drury and Graeme LeSaux.

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