Details from Hawks, Suns, Jazz 3-Team Trade Talks

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While no trades have been made in the NBA this season, there is no shortage of rumors and proposals exchanged. One of the teams scouring the market for a deal is the Phoenix Suns, who were looking for a new home for Jae Crowder.

Crowder did not report to training camp after being told he would play a reduced role this season with Cam Johnson in the starting lineup. It was a strange call from the Suns, who could certainly use some depth in the frontcourt.

Numerous teams have been associated with Crowder, including the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks have their own trade piece they’re trying to unload into John Collins. There have been some reports of a potential trade between the two teams, but Collins’ contract, a five-year, $125 million contract he signed in 2021, is the biggest heist.

Is there a team that wants to include Collins? Enter the Utah Jazz. According to Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sporthave been linked to Collins, making a potential huge three-team deal a real possibility between these franchises.

“For the past few weeks, Phoenix, Atlanta and Utah have had talks about a deal that would have brought Crowder to Atlanta, Collins to Utah and possibly Jarred Vanderbilt to Phoenix.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz & Phoenix Suns Updates

The Jazz is open to trading Vanderbilt, while the Phoenix Suns have expressed interest in the big man. The Suns and Atlanta Hawks have discussed trade replays that would also have sent Landry Shamet to Atlanta, but those talks fell apart on draft pick fee. “

Jarred Vanderbilt is having the best season of his young career after being traded by the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Jazz as part of the blockbuster Rudy Gobert. He gets more chances than ever in his career and makes the most of them. He would fill the frontcourt void the Suns seek for power forward and center.

Utah would likely need some sort of draft fee to hire Collins, and he’s only in the second season of his five-year contract. Despite the success they’ve found this season, they’re still in the rebuilding and asset-gathering phase.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz & Phoenix Suns Updates

Atlanta would receive another player that fits the 3-and-D profile they want to deploy around Trae Young’s unique skills. Crowder is a versatile defender, a solid 3-point shooter and also brings a lot of experience to the team.

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