Candice Warner opens her doors after facing mob abuse in Adelaide

David Warner’s wife and former ironwoman Candice Falzonwho recently attended the second Test match between Australia and the West Indies in Adelaide was “despicably abused” by some of the fans.

Ms Warner reacted to the appalling behavior and said she now considers cricket an “unsafe place” for her and her family. While speaking at Triple M’s Summer Breakfast, Candice made a stunning revelation. She said the shocking incident happened at the Adelaide Oval during the first session of play on Saturday when her three daughters wanted to see their father, who was representing Australia on the pitch.

“Saturday afternoon at Adelaide Oval, just before lunch, the girls wanted to see their father. So we went from one part of Adelaide Oval to another. It was probably about 200 meters.

“At that time I had two of my three daughters, my eight-year-old and my three-year-old, we were walking hand in hand, and as we walk past a huge group of people, it was a group of five or six men who were just throwing mean swear words at me. started throwing.

“I kept walking and then I just stopped and I looked around at this group of men and it was one man in particular. And they laughed and they pointed. And they thought what they were doing was okay.

“So I decided to confront them. I didn’t have to, but with my girls in my hands, I felt it was really important to confront them, because for us, my actions need to reflect the messages I give to my kids.

“So I confronted them and like any group of men who have been drinking, they were weak, they were cowardly, they wouldn’t admit what they were doing and the guy who was screaming this abuse was hiding behind his friend,” Candice added.

When asked how she responded to the fans’ comments, Candice explained: “I said [to them] “Do you feel good about yourself, are you trying to intimidate me, belittle me, embarrass me in front of my kids? You obviously don’t have kids of your own, that’s not okay. It’s not okay to bully someone, it’s not okay to make fun of other people.”

“What disappointed me was, firstly, the fact that they found it funny, secondly, that they could not admit their mistake, but the fact that in a packed stadium they could clearly see a mother with two children in distress, my girls were upset , not a single person came to my aid Not one.

“The sad thing is that at a time when we are trying to encourage more women and more girls to participate in sports, to go to sports, I am now starting to feel that it is not safe for me and my children to go to sports and support their father.”

It has been a tough week for David and his family as the veteran opener has withdrawn his appeal for the captaincy ban review, saying his wife and children are more important to him than cricket after the lawyer humiliated him and his family.

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