Bucs opponents for 2023 finalized

Although the Bucs finished the 2022 regular season with a 30–17 loss in Atlanta and an 8–9 record, Tampa Bay won the NFC South division title for the second straight year. The Bucs, who have made the playoffs for three years in a row, now know which opponents they will face in 2023 when the 2022 regular season wraps up.

This week, Pewter Report reported that only one opponent from 2023 remained unknown, as the winner of the NFC East division was not determined. But Philadelphia defeated the New York Giants 22-16 to clinch the division title, and Dallas lost in Washington 26-6.

As a result, Tampa Bay will host Philadelphia in the 2023 regular season and Dallas will host the NFC Wild Card Playoffs next week at Raymond James Stadium. Despite losing in Atlanta, Tampa Bay was locked in the number 4 seed and Sunday’s outcome did not affect that playoff position.

Bucs RB Rachaad White – Photo by: USA Today

By winning the NFC South, the Bucs will also meet the division winners in the NFC West (12-4 San Francisco), the NFC East (14-3 Philadelphia) and the AFC East (13-3 Buffalo) next season.

The NFC South will play against the AFC South and NFC North divisions in 2023. The NFC South and AFC South were the weakest divisions in the NFL in 2022. The Bucs finished with an 8-9 record and the Jaguars finished with a 9-8 record in winning the AFC South title.

Here’s a look at the teams the Bucs will play in 2023, with times and dates to be announced after the 2023 NFL Draft in May. Due to the league’s 17-game schedule, AFC teams will host an additional home game in 2023 after the NFC hosted an additional home game this season. The extra home this year was in Germany, where Tampa Bay beat Seattle 21-15.

Bucs opponents in 2023

Home Slate

Atlanta Falcons-7-10
Carolina panthers – 7-10
Saints of New Orleans – 7-10
Chicago Bears – 3-14
Detroit Lions – 8-8 (plays on Sunday Night Football)
Jacksonville Jaguars – 9-8*
Tennessee Titans – 7-10
Philadelphia Eagles – 14-3*

Road Slate

Atlanta Falcons-7-10
Carolina panthers – 7-10
Saints of New Orleans – 7-10
Green Bay Packers – 8-8 (plays on Sunday Night Football)
Minnesota Vikings – 13-4*
Houston Texans – 3-13-1
Indianapolis Colts – 4-12-1
San Francisco 49ers-13-4*
Buffalo Bills – 13-3*

*Indicates 2022 playoff team

Bucs Dt Logan Hall and Packers Qb Aaron Rodgers

Bucs DT Logan Hall and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

The Bucs’ opponents are a mixed bag of playing three of the worst teams in the 2022 season – the Texans, Bears and Colts – in addition to playing four teams with double-digit winning totals – the Bills, 49ers, Vikings and either the Eagles or the cowboys.

The 2023 opponents list also includes two rematches from the 2022 season, as Tampa Bay will once again travel to San Francisco and face the Packers once again – this time in Green Bay. The Packers defeated the Bucs 14-12 at Raymond James Stadium this season. and the 49ers beat the Bucs, 35-7, in San Francisco.

The Bucs will receive at least five playoff teams in 2023 and next year will play against eight losing-record teams.

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