Bucs CB takes issue with duty

There were many bad game in the Bucs’ blatant 35–7 loss to the 49ers. Most of it came from the Bucs, and while it doesn’t excuse the way they lost, the umpires were pretty bad too.

Bucs QB Tom Brady – Photo by: USA Today

The Bucs were stiffened with a call on literally the first play of the game as safety Keanu Neal blitzed from the left and came in untouched, sacking Brock Purdy for a big loss. It was an emphatic play that could have set the tone, but Neal was penalized for roughing the passer for tackling Purdy too high, his helmet grazing just the side of the quarterback. It was an itchy call that didn’t sit well with Tampa Bay.

On the other hand, the Bucs got no calls because Tom Brady was hit on the head of a defensive lineman early on and later had another defender’s hand on his throat. And in the second quarter, as the Bucs were looking for their first touchdown of the game, Brady threw a ball into the corner of the end zone looking for Chris Godwin, but he was nowhere to be found as he was kicked off the line by a defender. was pushed. from scrimmage before he could break his route, and yet no flag was thrown. The Bucs went for it in fourth and failed to convert it.

Again, the Bucs played poorly, but they also got no help from the officials, whose calls seemed to favor the 49ers.

The penalty that ended the Bucs’ chances for a comeback

Worst of all, however, put a dagger in the game and happened to happen after Tampa Bay turnovers after downs. With 28 seconds left in the second quarter and San Francisco on Tampa’s 37, outside linebacker Anthony Nelson intercepted a pass from Purdy that would have ended their drive and left the Bucs just three touchdowns behind, but got the ball after the half .

Bucs CB Carlton Davis III

Bucs CB Carlton Davis III – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

However, that was all negated as cornerback Carlton Davis III was called for a holding penalty on wide receiver Jauan Jennings. After the televised replay, it looked like Jennings fell after Davis got his hands on him and it was well within five yards of the line of scrimmage, so Davis didn’t do anything wrong.

Objectively, it was a bad decision by the referees. It was downright soft on a crucial game. No penalty should have been thrown on a game that seemed quite easy to understand.

Obviously it was a huge blow to the Bucs, as they thought they had just played a key game. It hurt even more after the next snap when Purdy hit a wide open Brandon Aiyuk with 15 seconds left before halftime for a 32-yard touchdown. This left the 49ers 28-0 over the Bucs and the game was over.

Later that night after the game, Davis took to social media and said the punishment was the worst he’s ever been given and that it’s disrespectful to the game.

Frustrations have understandably boiled over for the Bucs as they fell short of expectations with a 6-7 record. Davis signed a major three-year, $45 million contract this offseason. He’s a very good corner kicker in coverage, but the Bucs were hoping for more interceptions this year, and that’s the only thing stopping him from winning more personal honours. Davis has no interception this season despite several chances.

The Bucs will need their best angle to step up if they want to win the division and make the playoffs for the third season in a row.

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