Bradley Beal has no qualms about recovering from injuries

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The Washington Wizards entered NBA action against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night on a five-game winning streak. The team played excellent basketball and hoped to continue the good times while getting a huge boost, with Bradley Beal poised to return to the lineup.

Unfortunately for Beal, the return didn’t last too long. He played just 13:18 before his night was considered over as his hamstring strained again. Beal finished the game with eight points, four assists, one rebound, two steals and a bunch of frustration.

“I tried to make a few gears, and [it] kind of put me off doing that,” said Beel. “It’s frustrating because I haven’t had that for the last 48 hours. Nobody wants to play more than me. But I just have to be smart about it.”

The Wizards would eventually lose the game 123-113 as Giannis Antetkounmpo had a career night with 55 points. Washington had no answer for him when their winning streak was broken. But their attention is once again on Beal, who may have to miss more time.

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Beal had missed the last three games with a hamstring injury heading into Tuesday’s matchup with the Bucks. It was already the third time this season that Beal had missed at least three consecutive games in a row, as he played in just 24 of 39 games. Frustratingly, a fourth instance could appear on the horizon.

“It’s tough. It’s frustrating. I always preach that your best asset is your availability, and I haven’t been. That piece is definitely frustrating, but I need to be encouraged and understand that there’s even more I can contribute to the game. said Beel. “… It’s hard because we’re playing well. I want to be part of that.”

Considering the hole they’ve struggled to dig for themselves, losing 14 of 16 games, including 10 in a row, the Wizards don’t have too much room for error. Lucky for them, they hovered around .500 without Beal in the lineup and went 7-8 in 15 games without him.

LATEST NBA NEWS: Bradley Beal & Washington Wizards Updates

If he has to miss more time to get his hamstring right, the team will once again rely on Kyle Kuzma and Kristaps Porzingis to carry the load. Both players are having an excellent season and are set for nice payouts in the 2023 off-season as both have player options for the 2023-24 season.

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