Americans boycott FOX’s World Cup for BBC Radio 5 Live

Enough is enough. Football fans in the United States are so dissatisfied with FOX’s World Cup TV coverage that many are boycotting FOX’s World Cup for BBC Radio broadcasts instead.

Diehard football fans are outraged by the weakening of FOX’s World Cup coverage so it appeals to casual sports fans. So much so that someone could write a book detailing all of FOX’s mistakes and the negative feedback posted on social media and the internet.

Many football fans have had enough of it.

American football fans are looking for alternatives

There’s no question that the footage from FOX’s World Cup coverage is incredible. This is how the studio set looks great. So are the sharp broadcasts in 4K. However, the fun stops there when you start listening to what they’re actually saying. Most factual analysis is mediocre to say the least.

That’s why many football fans turn to BBC Radio Five Live, the free radio station that streams worldwide via the internet and apps. Before and after each match, BBC Radio 5 streams analysis and various football experts discussing the matches. Football fans have found the analysis to be much better than FOX’s disappointing pre-match and post-match chit chat.

BBC Radio 5 streams live pre- and post-match coverage of every World Cup match. This way you can skip FOX’s shoulder programming.

However, you will find that BBC Radio 5 broadcasts are geo-blocked during games. Despite this, football fans in the United States have discovered that VPNs can be used to unblock geo-restrictions so you can listen to commentators, many of whom are familiar voices announcing Premier League games during the season.

Football fans liberate themselves from FOX Sports

Other fans are taking more radical steps to boycott FOX’s World Cup.

Every World Cup match is available to stream live and on-demand via Peacock Premium. Broadcasts are in Spanish, with more exciting and passionate commentaries. Many of the games feature the number one commentator on our coast, Andrés Cantor.

But if you don’t like the Spanish language, you can listen to BBC Radio 5 match commentary (accessible through a VPN) and sync the audio and video together to see what a world-class World Cup broadcast sounds like.

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