With a typically “started up” Steve Ballmer kicking things off, Leonard and George were presented Wednesday as the most current individuals from the Clippers during a question and answer session at Green Meadows Recreation Center in Los Angeles.

George said it felt like he and Leonard were “foreordained” to play together as far back as he was a youthful player in Indiana and the Pacers chose Leonard in the 2011 draft. Indiana exchange Leonard to the San Antonio Spurs on draft night, however George bemoaned what could have been.

“I wish we would’ve kept that pick. I wish we would’ve advanced together,” George said Wednesday. “We could’ve did some exceptional things in Indiana. In any case, it’s extraordinary to quick advance to where we’re at now. We’re both here in L.A. It just appeared as though this was predetermined. We should play together.”



“This was foreordained. We should play together.” ✊

Paul George is glad to join Kawhi on the Clippers.

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1:10 AM – Jul 25, 2019

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Matching the two All-NBA advances has made an enormous measure of buzz for a Clippers association looking to at last achievement and win its first title. The buzz was coordinated at the question and answer session by Ballmer. Before George and Leonard talked, the proprietor carried his trademark energy to the platform for his comments.

“I have these notes, yet I got the chance to state I’m simply started up to be here today. It’s quite cool. It’s truly damn cool,” Ballmer said as fans in participation cheered and he let out a shout.



Steve Ballmer is “started up” at the question and answer session! 🤣

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1:03 AM – Jul 25, 2019

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Getting back home was a subject of the public interview. Both Leonard and George are Los Angeles territory locals, and George said he grew up a Clippers fan. In any case, winning was a significantly greater subject, and winning with an establishment that hasn’t was a noteworthy purpose of accentuation for Leonard and George.

“They need to win. I need to win once more,” Leonard said. “It’s a chance to simply manufacture our own. To leave a mark on the world. They haven’t been to a Finals. They haven’t won a Finals. That was something significant and energizing for me to settle on my choice.”



“They need to win.” 👌

Kawhi on what helped him settle on his choice to join the Clippers.

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1:17 AM – Jul 25, 2019

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George resounded Leonard.

“I’m not a person to come in with a self image that I’m the man,” George said. “I need to be a piece of something unique. I need to help construct something extraordinary.”

Since they’re the Clippers, however, and share a field with one of the best establishments allied history, the Lakers are in every case some portion of the talk, particularly since they were a suitor for Leonard. The Lakers passed up Leonard, however they made their very own real move this offseason to procure Anthony Davis to match with LeBron James. Presently, a couple of whiz pairs sets up an uncommon dynamic in Los Angeles in which the two groups have title goals.

Gotten some information about playing in the Lakers’ shadow, Leonard didn’t appear to be concerned.

“To the extent the most recent couple of years, to the extent a b-ball angle,” he stated, “the Clippers have been something more.”

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